Laura Drake

Laura Drake

Meet Laura Drake, a proud owner of Pole Hog sets and bodysuits. Laura typically wears a size 12-14, with a 36A bra size, finding herself most flattered by Pole Hog's velvet pieces.

Her measurements include:

  • Size 12-14
  • 36A bra size

For sizing, Laura chooses:

  • Size 12 in velvet Pole Hog outfits
  • Size 14 in other materials

Laura loves Pole Hog for its:

  • Wide range of design options
  • Inclusivity for all body shapes and sizes
  • Affordable pricing

In terms of fit, Laura opts for size 12 in velvet and size 14 in other materials, a strategy that ensures comfort and style across different fabrics.

What does Laura appreciate about Polehog? She loves the diverse design options that cater to all body shapes and sizes, all while offering excellent value for money.

Laura's experience reveals that different styles offer unique fits; for instance, she notes that velvet tends to be more stretchy compared to other materials.

Laura trains at Rhapsody in Ramsgate, making Pole Hog an essential part of her pole fitness journey.

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