Kayleigh Elson

Kayleigh Elson

Kayleigh Elson, who trains at Pole Fixation and owns Topaz Pole Academy, is a devoted fan of Pole Hog outfits. Her wardrobe boasts a variety of Pole Hog apparel, including tops, bottoms, sets, and bodysuits.

Kayleigh's measurements fluctuate slightly between sizes S/M, particularly depending on the time of the month. She typically wears size 8 for tops and small (S) for bottoms in Pole Hog attire, favoring materials like Polyester/Lycra with a soft spot for velvet sets.

When it comes to fit, Kayleigh finds Pole Hog outfits to be spot-on; she doesn't need to size up or down. What does she appreciate about Polehog? Beyond the stylish designs, Kayleigh praises the affordability and comfort of their outfits, noting they are versatile enough for both pole training and beach outings. She also values the straightforward and friendly approach of Pole Hog's owners, making custom orders a breeze.

Kayleigh's experience with different styles has taught her that certain cuts, like shorter shorts, become more appealing over time. Despite evolving preferences, she remains satisfied with the consistent fit of Pole Hog's designs. It's clear that for Kayleigh, Pole Hog isn't just about clothing—it's a trusted and integral part of her pole journey.

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