Nanette Henderson

Nanette Henderson

Nanette Henderson is an avid collector of Pole Hog attire, boasting an array of tops, bottoms, sets, bodysuits, back warmers, and leg warmers. Her measurements include a 34B bust, 27" waist, and 31" leg length, standing at 5 feet 4 inches tall.

Nanette typically opts for size 10 tops, size 10 bodysuits, and small bottoms in Pole Hog garments, highlighting the brand's versatility in accommodating her preferences. She appreciates the diverse materials Pole Hog offers.

In terms of fit, Nanette finds Pole Hog sizes to be consistent across different fabrics. What draws her to Polehog? Nanette is drawn to the vast selection of fabrics and styles available, coupled with the option to customize her outfits affordably.

Regarding fit variations, Nanette notes that certain styles offer different levels of support; for instance, strappy tops provide more support compared to halterneck designs. However, she assures that each style offers optimal support in its unique way.

Nanette emphasizes the importance of understanding how different styles affect coverage, especially with bottoms—opting for a cheeky cut means expecting less coverage, which she views as part of the charm of exploring diverse styles within the Pole Hog collection.

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